:( NOTE: Two weeks after the release of Smiley Grabber, AOL updated AIM, allowing direct access to the "hidden" smilies within AIM. This made Smiley Grabber obsolete overnight.

Smiley Grabber

Do you use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) V5.0 or later???
  Do you love using smilies in your messages and chats ???
    Do you wish there were more than just the default 16 smilies ???

There are !!!

And Smiley Grabber can help you access them !!!

Smiley Grabber is a convenience program to create Smileys for AOL Instant Messenger 5.x. Using a simple Cut and Paste interface, one can copy the AIM Smiley codes from Simley Grabber and paste them into any AIM Instant Messenger, Chat, or Profile Window.

Over 100 different Smiley Sets !!!

Cat Emotion Set

Surely one to personalize your emotion !!!

Download available on request
To install:
1) Download Smiley Grabber download file to a temporary directory on your computer. Example: C:\TEMP
Open the Download Page:
GoTO Download Page

or download a zipped Setup file...
Download Now
NOTE: Presently a 1.5M download.
UNZIP and run Setup.exe...

2a) Just double-click on the downloaded file, then follow the installation instructions.


2b) Select Run from the Taskbar Start menu, type the full name of the file (for example, C:\TEMP\SMILE.EXE), press the Enter key, and follow the prompts.

To uninstall: Use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and follow the standard Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Uninstall steps.

Information on registering your copy of Smiley Grabber can be obtained by mailing an e-mail request to sales@WILDnKRAZED.com
Technical Support for Smiley Grabber can be obtained by e-mailing a request to tech@WILDnKRAZED.com

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