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Well, 1999 ended with another bang - with another rider running into me up at Sears Point. All chances of winning the F3 (and F2) Western Regional(s) were gone with my severely dislocated shoulder and my severely twisted front-end on the Race-Hawk.

I still finished the year 8th in AHRMA BOTT F3 and 9th in BOTT F2, but lost out on the Pacific Crowns when I couldn't race on Day 2 at Sears Point. Well, Next year...

2000 is starting slow... So far, I have yet to even get the Race-Hawk back together... I've been having trouble aquiring the needed parts to fix her. I've already missed some races... This year isn't starting too good...

Well, some good news... We have aquired a RC51 to race in 2001. It's so far been both fun and frustrating trying to set-up a brand-new bike... Expect 2001 to be an exciting year !!!

O.K., Make that 2002, maybe... Work has been keeping me really busy, too busy to really concentrate on racing... So the RC51 sits except for the odd street ride. I'm still wondering which pipe to try and run. I've also had no luck in aquiring the needed parts to put back together the Race-Hawk. But I do need to get on the track soon, I'm starting to get the shakes >:^)

Good News, We have found the necessary parts to put back together the Race-Hawk. It's now just a matter of time to put her back together. Expect to see me back at Willow Springs at the end of 2002/beginning of 2003 (Still need to decide on a pipe for the RC51 >:^). I'll be running #192 in either WSMC or AHRMA. And I've tested the truck, it can haul both bikes >:^)

Bad News, My racing budget for 2003 is $0 - yep... No $$$... Well, that is if I want to eat too ?!?! So, doesn't look like there will be any racing in the near future... I'm unofficially retired, but I'm also jonzin' to get back onto the track. I get the shakes just watching a race !!! Soon (I hope).

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